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Kate Bridger by Folt Bolt

Whether it’s my home, my wardrobe, or my work … in my world, there can never be too much colour! And, while the painter can usually contain his palette in a box or a few drawers, mine occupies an entire room—overflowing bins of fabrics bursting with colour, texture and potential.

Working as a Fabric Artist over the past three decades, I have manipulated, bullied, stretched and scraped my medium to portray many subjects … landscapes, rusty old trucks, house portraits, abstracts and images I have harvested on my travels through Europe, New Zealand and my home country, Canada. My technique involves fabric collage … hours of meticulous cutting and placing followed by freestyle machine rendering to add detail, dimension and credibility to the work. But fabric is fickle and shifty and, every now and then, it is the medium that determines my outcome and I am merely the obedient steward eagerly awaiting the surprising results to emerge in spite of me!

When I first began playing with fabrics, my techniques were very simplistic but, over the years, I have refined and honed my skills and have, on many occasions, had my work described as ‘painterly’ and even had it mistaken for photographs. I think these are compliments, although I don’t know if it works in reverse … would a painter be flattered if one said his/her work looked like material?

Along with creating a large body of work during my career, I have also been an avid marketer … one has to be! I owned a gallery for almost a decade but now, with a little nudge from the outside world, I have taken to social media and post regularly on Facebook and Etsy … not bad for an old gal! The best part of stepping into the 21st Century has been discovering other fibre/textile/fabric artists around the globe. By joining these communities and sharing work online, we inspire and encourage one another and have shown the world that ‘sewing’ is not just a hobby traditionally associated with housewives and quilting groups … this is a bona fide art form and I am both proud and humbled to be able to contribute to it.

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