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Linda Fenster by Folt Bolt

Linda Fenster is located in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California (USA). Linda started painting furniture & kids murals in homes and schools for 12 years before moving on to collage tables, telephones, mirrors and jewelry boxes with bright, beautiful beads and costume jewelry. After seeing Gaudi's mosaics in Barcelona she was inspired to mosaic walls, tables, giraffes, dogs and flying pigs.

Linda has been in the Venice Art Walk with an open studio for the last twelve years and is a member of The Ten Women Gallery in Los Angeles.

Ten Women is a diverse group of local artists who have come together to curate and run an art / gift gallery featuring unique and hand crafted items.

Her colorful South African roots continue to influence her, she loves color and composition. With an untoward fondness for detail, she has become a tinkerer, collector and devotee of the bead.

She loves to make fun and colorful art for all to enjoy.

Find her here:


Ten Woman Gallery

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