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Therese Urbanska by Folt Bolt

My name is Therese Urbanska, but my Polish Grandfather always called me Teska so I work under this name for my small paintings.

I am based in the beautiful countryside of the Pen Llyn in North West Wales in the UK and I have been painting professionally since I graduated in 2004.

The landscape of Wales is a huge inspiration for my work and I am particularly fond of the many interesting little ‘Bwthyns’ (cottages) that you can find dotted about here on the Llyn, and also the iconic images of the many, now disused, Chapels found in the small villages that are part of my community. Living here on the Peninsula also means that the coastline features heavily in my work and I am drawn to the beautiful blues and greens of the sea, which feature in my palette.

I use a collage technique as a foundation to my work, which is not always obvious in photographs. This means that the surface of the buildings etc is a little reliefed from the background. I then apply layer upon layer of Acrylic paint using various different techniques.

I absolutely love making my little paintings of my local area, and I try and make each piece tell a story. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine that I can get lost into my own little world whilst painting them!

One day I would like to return to perhaps making some more expressive paintings but for now, whilst I have a young family, working in this way makes me very happy. I hope that other people will enjoy my work too!

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