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Silk Art by Katarzyna

Silk Art by Folt Bolt

Hi, My name is Katarzyna. I live in Poland.

I work as interior designer. In my free time, I paint with water colours and create collages.

In search for new artistic inspiration I happened to find silk painting. It is fascinating!

At the beginning I learned by trial and error, making step by step progress and ruined a lot of material.

But I mastered the difficult technique. I paint using the gutta technique, which requires creating first an outline with gutta, than filling the spaces with colour.

I use professional paints, that require later hours of steam treatment to stay lifelong durable.

The challenge in silk painting is that at every step the project can be easily destroyed, and the whole process takes many long hours of diligent work, before finally the project is finished preserved by hours of steam treatment.

To finish each material edge is hand sewn with silk thread.

My works are full of colours. I often use contrast and love flower motives that mix with simple graphic shapes.

I hope you will love my works and wear it on various occassions.

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