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Once upon a time a girl picked up a stone and saw that it had a shape of a dragon... Painted Stones- my trademark One day, during a walk through a meadow I saw a stone at my feet - it suggested the shape of a dragon. Soon enough I started seeing other forms when looking at different stones. This happened fifteen years ago. Ever since that moment I’ve never stopped looking at stones this way. Although they themselves are hard and tough, what I decorate them with is usually delicate and subtle like a slight gust of wind. If you find stones dead and unmoving, you might just change your mind after seeing those transformed by me. My stone miniatures may be used as lucky charms, paper presses, decoration for furniture, gardens, balconies or as jewellery. Precision In the process of creation, I take great care that each piece is of top quality. The miniatures are painted with utmost attention to detail, using a brush with very fine hairs that allow extra precision. The final product is not only a brooch or a necklace, but also the engagement and emotions I put into them. Each single item I create is signed by hand, which confirms its uniqueness. Nature I always use natural materials - the base for most items is stone or wood. Nature constantly inspires my work, its main subject being the plentiful world of fauna and flora. Other than Nature, another source of inspiration is my own imagination. In the back of my head I always hear the words of Sławomir Mrożek: “It is a general misconception that imagination is a dangerous pull towards something that doesn’t exist in reality. The opposite is true however: without imagination there is no reality. That which we name »reality« is none other than imagination congealed into routine. (...)

It is true that without routine one cannot function, but it is also true that without imagination one can ONLY function. Without routine the world would not function, but without imagination the world would not have been formed. Neither would it have survived. Routine works in fixed and predictable situations but completely fails when the unpredictable occurs.” (S. Mrożek, “Dziennik Powrotu”, own translation)

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