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Wassupbrothers by Folt Bolt

Good day. My name is Olga Zamyatina and I am the owl addicted softie maker behind the name Wassupbrothers.

I live in Moscow, Russia, with my husband Igor and our two funny and wonderful dogs.

Igor works as a photographer and supports me by taking beautiful photos of my creatures, when he has time.

As you can see from my works, I love owls. They’re so beautiful and versatile, and there are so many different varieties of them in nature, so I have many ways to portray them.

I often try to make another animal or bird, but in the end I still have an owl in my hands

I try repurpose, recycle, reuse different materials as often as possible. Recycled and handmade things are not only ethical, they have a story and person behind them as well. They are soulful and Earth-friendly.

Basically I make my dolls without patterns, just taking the pieces of cloth and watch how one of them out. It's a magic to see, how small scraps, vintage buttons, sweaters or old dresses turn to a soulful creatures

I love to give new life to the useless and old things. The idea that my eco friendly toys will bring a little bit of love and joy to you warm my heart.

Mostly i use natural fabric and fibers. If I am not satisfied with the fabric tingle, i dye it with natural dyes like tea, coffee, cinnamon and others. Often you can see me in the kitchen cooking a large pot of vintage lace and doilies.

I uses a one hundred year old sewing machine that belonged to my grandmother.

Even if most of my work is done by hands, this machine is my big helper, my good working horse and inspiration

Some people can say my soft creatures are gloomy or sad, but in fact they are very sensative and love to smile, they are open to friendship but a little shy to make first step. They will be great companion for their new owners and will stay good friends no matter what.

I want my soft friends to be not too loud , and not too aggressive and bright for eyes , but gentle and pleasant, even with rainbow colors

I’m not a trend follower. Everything I create is about being natural - natural colours, textures and about being yourself. To do what you love and the way you love.

I will never understand it when someone says they’re bored, because they don’t know what to do in their spare time. I think there are so many opportunities around, and your own two hands are such multifaceted and versatile tools – they can work miracles with such simple things. I remember as a child, I made a huge bear out of an old black fur coat. He was a huge, strange creature and on his stomach were pockets, leftover from the coat.
 Sometimes i feel myself like a worm who need to recycle and recycle and recycle.

The mountains of the scraps and fabric at home are still big, so I should work more :)

My creatures are lives and make people happy in more than 30 countries. Huh!

How could I imagine this 4 years ago!

Have a wonderful day or night, everyone ! Happy creating!

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