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Paddy Colahan

Paddy Colahan by Folt Bolt

All my life I have loved colour, shape, design.

From a very young age it was creating wonderful knitted garments for myself and others to wear. My career was in fashion where I was excited by wonderful fabrics their colours, beautiful prints and interesting shapes. I was introduced to Intuitive abstract acrylic painting. In bright bold colours, shapes and marks. I just loved it..... So my life as an artist had began. I find this method of painting is very exciting. The painting takes on a life of its own and just leads you on and around it with lots of colour, shapes and marks. Amazing things tend to happen during the process that inspires the next move.

I try to let the inner child take over........clear my mind of all thoughts.......and have lots of fun. It is all an ongoing process of finding inspiration from the colours of nature and the world around me. The best thing I have done in my life (career wise) was finally pick up a paint brush and put colour on canvas.

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