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Helen MacRitchie

Helen MacRitchie by Folt Bolt

I’m a textile artist living near Sydney in Australia and I like to blend different mediums and techniques to create new embellished fabrics for use in my bags, accessories and wearables. I have a love of nunofelting and embroidered lacework, and while these techniques are beautiful in their own right in many of my pieces, I find that combining the two creates a unique dimension to my work.

Designs come from many sources but I often use the colours and vegetation of the bush in my backyard as inspiration for my work.. I originally come from Scotland and worked in pharmaceutical research in the UK but a move abroad in 2000 to Basel, Switzerland for 4 years gave me the opportunity to return to her love of textiles and study Design and Stitched Textiles by correspondence.

I’ve been immersed in textiles ever since!

I’ve been in Australia for the last 12 years and now exhibit and sell my work through various craft and textile group exhibitions, online and through the Society of Arts & Crafts NSW Gallery in Sydney. I am available to give talks and workshops.

I have a great love for my work process and hope you enjoy the results too.

I can be found through






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