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Jan Peters - The Alchemal Garden

The Alchemal Garden by Folt Bolt

I am a mixed media artist who loves to create all kinds of jewelry and eclectic items for your home.

I am constantly creating, imagining and dreaming up new ideas. I love to mix new and old in order to create jewelry unique and wonderful.

A life long artist, I have creating mixed media objects ever since I can remember. I took jewelry classes in college, moved on to painting and printmaking and travel-especially travel. I've traveled the world as an artist, attending schools in the US and in Europe.

I love cultural art history and love to incorporate it into my work whenever possible.

Upon returning to the Pacific Northwest -where I grew up- about 10 years ago, I started making jewelry again, slowly refining my "look" and incorporating all the things I love.

Now I fuse my love of art history, cultural history, storytelling, vintage items, dreams and imagination into unique items that I love. Old vintage components, images reclaimed from scraps of paper, old books and found objects, all these may one become an unusual item of jewelry or an adornment for your home and garden. I like to use recycled items whenever possible, from metal scraps to emboss and patina and turn into jewelry, or perhaps some recycled glass to turn into a rain chain for your garden or a sun catcher for your window.

You'll find me rooting around estate sales, junk stores-anywhere I can spy a fun item I can use to create something special. Reycle, repurpose, reuse in some way-all of that makes me happy. It's fun, and a wonderful way to challenge my creativity.

Please note I do not use signed or rare and valuable items of Vintage jewelry to take apart for my repurposed works.

My hope is these pieces appeal to you as well, make you smile when you see them and give you a sense of well being when you wear them.

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