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My name is Chrissy Butler, I am an artist, children's book author, Taekwondo Instructor and Mama of 2, living on the beautiful NSW North Coast of Australia.

I am delighted to say that my artwork has been used for International Midwives Day and The Trust Birth Conference in California. My drawings also visit covers of wonderful books such as 'Food for Thought' by Jeani-Rose Atchison and 'Joyous Childbirth Saves the World' by Tadashi Yoshimura published by 7 Stories Press New York.

I have had the pleasure in working with many beautiful people designing logos along with posters for special events and festivals. I am also the artist and illustrator of 2 children's books. You can read a little about them below:

Chrissy Butler's first children's book, featuring the preparation and amazing homebirth of Jimi Jazz, told from the perspective of his older sister.

"It is impossible not to be completely drawn in by the warmth, charm and magic of this beautiful children's book... Author Chrissy Butler has gifted us with what is probably the BEST homebirth book for families." ( The Mother - Issue 22 May/June 2007 )

Chrissy's second picture Wonderful Place' is a delighted look at full term breastfeeding through joyful artwork and the whimsical musings of a breastfed toddler.

This book is printed onto 100% post consumer recycled paper which affirms the sustainability of breastfeeding.

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