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Lital Gold by Folt Bolt

Hello! My name is Lital, I’m a print designer and illustrator. I’m originally from Israel, where

I was born and raised and I currently based in Philadelphia.

I moved to the States four years ago after accepting a job offer from Free People.

These days, I work independently from my studio, collaborating with different brands around the world. I paint artworks and patterns for any kind of surface, from fashion through home and life-style, swim and accessories.

I love seeing my drawings come to life as a beautiful dress, a luggage or a piece of jewelry. It sits under one umbrella that is called ‘surface design’ and that’s basically what I love to do the most, since it has no limits.

I also design paper products as playing cards, greeting cards and customized wedding invitation, as well as phone cases and decorative wall art prints.

My creative journey had begun when I was a kid, watching my father – a graphic designer – work and paint in his studio. I knew that some day I’d have a studio of my own.

My trip to India before college inspired me to study textile design and major in print.

I was excited about it because it involved painting and pattern-making, which is what I wanted to do.

My favorite mediums to work with are ink and watercolors and I paint all of my patterns and artworks by hand, with an intuitive and tactile approach.

My work is inspired from the organic motif of nature, animals and different cultural patterns from around the world.

Hope you enjoy my work!

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