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Jenn Ashton

Jenn Ashton by Folt Bolt

An accomplished writer from an early age, North Vancouver, BC, Canada native Jenn Ashton has written for magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals, and has recently published two books for children.

Although art has always been a part of Jenn's repertoire, be it music or computer programming, she has only recently delved into the world of paint.

"Working mainly in bright Acrylics, inks and collage, I want my art to be accessible to everybody. I want my paintings to find the naive child and deep down belly laugh that lives inside every person and connect to that joy place, as that is where my art comes from.

To that end, my paintings are authentic and simple and often accompanied by a verse or rhyme that can arise as I create a piece."

Jenn is no stranger to creativity. Coming from an artistic family she has lived her life bringing creative flair to all her projects large and small. From the non-profit Boardroom and the challenges of being a young parent, to producing music and enjoying scholarly pursuits, Jenn Ashton is known for her originality, resourcefulness and vision.

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