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Hello, I’m Rebecca Brady— a full-time artist, teacher, surface pattern designer, creative spirit, business owner and blogger from Sydney, Australia.

Art and Design are my passion. My love for this was established at a young age.

I believe that the world is full of possibilities and that you create your own destiny.

I am an artist who loves to explore and experiment with art materials in relation to the intuitive act of creating. My artwork is a detailed and complex hub of fusing colour in multi layers. It’s a creative and visual playground of exploration and experimentation.

The act of painting as well as the interaction and communication between the conscious and subconscious plays a pivotal and recurrent developmental practice in my work in reference to what inspires me in the everyday world and who I am.

Colour, from an audience viewpoint is an intense experience which expands the mind and creates possibilities. I believe that when colour is interpreted in its purest state and is seen as vivid and dramatic, a new creation can be made.

As an artist and designer, I am interested in fusing colour in multi layers; creating depth and allowing the material itself to manifest into an extraordinary form, idea, motif, or landscape for the viewer to explore.

From an intuitive approach, my art making is created in layers. Through the playful and spontaneous acts of pouring, drawing, mark making, experimenting and manipulating paint and mediums, these processes help create windows which can be perceived as gateways to the subconscious mind and intuitive philosophies.

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