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Anjali Venkat - Anjali Design

Anjali Design by Folt Bolt

Anjali Venkat has an eclectic sense of art and design.

Over the last 20 years she has worked towards incorporating the unusual into her glass artwork. She tries to give a new twist to the ordinary in every one of her pieces.

Blessed with the opportunity to travel, she takes inspiration from the sights, colours, crafts and people around the world.

She constantly tries to learn new techniques and add them into her evolving artistic arsenal. Currently, the techniques she practices involve the use of mosaic, kiln-formed glass, up-cycled glass bottles, as well as other media like wood, paper and plastic.

She showcases her work and undertakes projects at her studio in Singapore.

She teaches techniques of making mosaics and kiln-formed glass through workshops and individual sessions for willing students of all ages. She believes that while working with glass is challenging, and at times, downright difficult, it is ultimately a rewarding and therapeutic process.

Through her workshops, she aims to spread the joy of working with glass.

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