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Maria Errani

Maria Errani by Folt Bolt

Born in 1940 in Gondar, Ethiopia, Maria moved to Sondrio, Italy, before transferring to Switzerland to continue her studies. She married at the young age of 17, moved to Chiavenna, Italy, and by age twenty-five was bringing up four children.

Her self-taught artistic career has been greatly influenced by the richness and diversity of her family life which is seen in her dedication to experimenting in diverse artistic styles; from paintings to collage, and ultimately patchwork.

By nature shy and reserved, Maria never considered showing her work until 2000 when she was convinced by critics and friends to exhibit publically her art.

This has opened up a channel to explore her imagination: at times joyous and serene, at others ironic and melancholic, and at others full of dramatic tension.

Maria’s artistic eye is ever wondering, and sees possibilities in numerous objects from an old barn door tossed on a garbage heap to a stove pipe’s metal flu.

“My interest in art,” she confesses, “was born in my early years cutting and constructing paper objects with my father. We’d spend hours creating magical new worlds, and the realm of fantasy and spells we created have remained deep within me, and serve as the soul of my creativity. My works are born out of an instinctive need that forces me to express myself with color, or paper, or cloth… practically an involuntary process, both fulfilling and transcendental”.

Her works have been shown in numerous art centers in Italy, such as Venice, Lucca and Sondrio, and also internationally in Lugano, Switzerland, Petange, Luxumbourg, and London.

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