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Butterfly - clothing

Butterfly -clothing by Folt Bolt

Our store presents rare examples of vintage Ukrainian shawls with charming flower pattern.

All the beauty of summer flowers from Ukrainian garden is on your shawl!

Each shawl has its historical and cultural value. All shawls were produced in 50-60s in different regions of Ukraine and were kept in special conditions to keep their original beauty. It has its high value because of exceptional quality that can be found nowhere nowadays and unique bright Art performance on each shawl. Each drawing presents you incomparable masterpiece of Art.

Bright floral pattern will amaze you from the first sight.

Tender, high quality natural wool will keep you warm and comfortable.

It is a true creation of the Art that has no copies around the world.

Our collection of shawls represent happiness and the joy of living a life surrounded with flowers.

Handmade Ukrainian bags with hand embroidery from Western Ukraine

“Taystra” – it is Ukrainian word that means a traditional Ukrainian bag worn over the shoulder. It has very meaningful ethnic embroidered symbol that attracts wellness and happy fortune (as it is believed in our culture).

The tradition of wearing this bag is very old.

The history of authentic Ukrainian clothing starts from 17 century.

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