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Sarah Hickey

Sarah Hickey by Folt Bolt

I am an Australian artist based in Brisbane, Queensland.

I went to art college straight after high school, obtained a BA Fine Arts degree and didn’t practise for many years after that.

I didn’t want the struggle and hardship often associated with a creative life.

I often wondered why I was compelled to create. Shut it off for many years.

Read ‘The Artists Way’ by Julia Cameron and it connected me to all that I was supressing. The creative floodgates opened and I have delighted in the process for the last 8 years.

Everyone is an artist. It can be a power for good, light and love in the world. I feel blessed to have such support and love around me.

I am at the beginning of my journey in many ways. Always giving birth to new versions of the self. Shedding the layers of past selves.

Always finding more to explore, question and celebrate in life.

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