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Paarisha by Folt Bolt

I am a boring banker who fortunately heard her heart’s ‘true calling ‘and became a designer. It all started with a sabbatical because despite a great career I was not very happy. I decided to make a trip to Jaipur to study Jewelry designing during which I was always very focused and looking forward to do more than what was being taught. I truly feel my work is meditative and there is no greater pleasure than creating and expressing my vision through my designs.

Thus Paarisha was born!

Paarisha means pursuer of artistic expressions and that is exactly what I do through my designs ….. try and express myself .The inspiration for the designs is all around ….. from small chat with strangers to big things happening all around. For instance a brief travel to Mumbai , inspired – The Mumbai collection – A city of contrasts and co-existence . My mind is always taking the surrounding movements, changes and their different colors in, to give shape to them through my designs. It’s a continuous process of creativity!

I came to Bengaluru after my design course in Jaipur and was clueless as to what to find where. Starting a business amongst strangers in a new town with just hundreds of ideas in my head was challenging but that’s just the way I wanted it ! Challenges were ready fuel for my creativity.

Bengaluru is a most cosmopolitan town. I love the openness and the whole ‘start up’ scenario here. The town buzzes with ideas and creativity. What better place was there to be for a person like me ?

My vision of Paarisha is that it is for the woman who knows the uniqueness in a handmade, aesthetically coordinated piece and would feel proud to wear one.

Creating beautiful visions to grace a woman’s jewellery box is Paarisha’s vision. Making forgotten artisans and needy women to collaborate with, is a strong part of that vision.

I believe that hard work and passion for creativity have been my strength in the process of giving shape to my design visions for Paarisha . They will see me through in establishing it as a brand associated with one of a kind designs which will always touch your heart as they are direct messages from their creator’s heart

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