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Kjerstin Barkved by Folt Bolt

My name is Kjerstin Barkved and im an artist from southwest of Norway.

People or portraits are central to my painting. Nature, or inner landscape also plays a vital part, in a dreamlike, abstract or imaginary form. "The space between" or "Inside out" are key elements in my expressions.

When I paint faces, it is never a specific person I am trying to capture on canvas.

Rather, it is a state of mind that has manifestations of landscape, nature and dreams within itself. Sometimes their expressions are introverted, sometimes they look more lucidly out into the world.

Shapes and colour nuances are essential to my compositions, so that the viewer can experiences a certain state of mind and, hopefully, some sort of revelation.

My preferred technique is acrylics on canvas. In this process I add several layers of paint before I scrape them off with a palette knife or a glass plate. Then I reapply a new layer and repeat the process. I repeat this process until I achieve the preferred shapes.

Through this process I try to capture on canvas a long period of time, similar to a wall that has lived through the sands of time.

I continually experiment with different ways of working. Apart from painting, I also draw, work with sculpture, and experiment with cast off objects which become upcycled, new pieces of art.

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