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My name is Pragati Sharma Mohanty - I am an Indian Artist who loves to spend time in India and in the US and every other culture-capital in between.

By training I am an industrial designer and an architect - I understand and use the nature of color, sense of composition & behavior of material very well in all my creative works.

My approach is to offer more than whats expected. When I design, I like to involve more senses than expected. For example, adding an audio or sensory element when one’s expecting only a visual one and so on. The ‘surprise’ really adds value to any kind of creative work. A painting is normally expected to be visually appealing. I like to go beyond that by involving say - mystery, information and emotions

I try to capture the best that every place has to offer.

One of the most important creative lessons that I learnt at my design school was the power of human interaction and observation, and this exploration of people and cultures from around the world has helped me grow immensely as an artist. The variety and interest that I can effortlessly bring in my work is probably a result of my fierce observation. One does not need to physically travel and live in different cultures. World is a small place these days.

I learn a lot by just watching alternative cinema…a Brazilian chic-flick, a Japanese documentary or regional Indian cinema.

I usually work on a mini series at a time. I have a plethora of ideas within me, and need to move on very rapidly. For example, I once worked on a series of paintings based on vintage cars and bikes, then I moved to a series based on Goddesses of fertility from various world mythologies, then there was a zen phase and now I am working on Anthropomorphic animals, and also simultaneously adding a 3rd dimension to my paintings. Stories from ancient cultures and world mythology fascinate me. Unusual characters, something that offers more than its face value.

Human bodies fused with animal faces is my current favorite. Many of them come from Indian, Egyptian and Celtic mythology. I keep researching about new subjects and characters. I do not like to repeat the same subject or theme over and over. I feel that my visual language is my strength. Everything else can change.

Its hard for me to put a tag or categorize my work in an art genre.

My style is highly intricate and meticulously detailed. I use pure hues in their full saturation.

The layering and detailing on any particular part is however, either monochrome or complimentary. I do not like to tone down my colors by using neutrals and pastels much.

Its just not my thing! I love bright and vibrant colors in my paintings because they have the ability to bring positive energy to any given space. I use them within the realms of color theory. Carefully placing colors next to each other create beautiful effects by color interaction.

There is a certain comfort level that I have reached with painting on two­ dimensional surfaces. I do not need a huge studio to paint, but it has to have my personal touch. I love to explore with assorted media, from the easily available to the exotic. I love to stretch my own canvasses, so I am involved in my art from its very conception. When I sit down in front of a blank canvas, I have to work fast to bring to life the flood of ideas and visuals through lines and colors. I have found that acrylics are the perfect compliment to my fast­-paced style, and I love their amazing vibrance and versatility

I also experiment with other forms of art and design and I am always open to new tools, surfaces and media. Textile, clay and game-design are few of my other favorite areas.

I am a very private person and I feel that day­-to-­day language is restrictive.

My creativity has become my voice. It gives me the freedom to explore and express my innermost thoughts and connect with people well beyond the reach of conventional methods of communication. I use art to channel positive energy out to the world.

The praise and recognition that I get in return continue to fuel my creative energies.

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