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Cyndee Starr

I’m Cyndee Starr, actually Cynthia Eloise Starr, born and raised in Portland, OR USA, now living across the Columbia River in Vancouver, WA.

I am a mixed media artist and obsessive doodler. I no longer feel the need to do as I’m told, stay in the lines, be the proper person, mother, wife, daughter I was taught to be.

My art allows me inner peace to silence all those voices that control my life.

My art has no controls. It all comes together as I feel it.

For me there is no art form I won’t try, at least once.Doodling started as a need for a creative outlet during the week. My work and commute left me very little time to work on my collages. So I tried Zentangles, not for me. To perfect and repetitious for me so I started playing around with my own designs. After that I could not put my pen and journal down.

It went everywhere with me. I’ve lost count of how many journals I have filled with doodles. At this point I’ll doodle on anything I can find, shoes, walls, pic frames, jewel boxes, furniture, it’s a challenge to see what I can find to put my doodles on.

They are all freehand, no planning no guide lines. They go where I take them.

I use lots of recycled items these days. People are always giving me things they think I might doodle and I love perusing thrift stores and flea markets.

Lately I even tried doodling over some of my photographs. It started with a cropped flower photo, then I wondered if I could do a landscape, or maybe a structure. It’s endless.

Keep watching, you never know where my next doodle will be.

Because of a family history of Alzheimer’s disease I donate a portion of all my art sales to finding a cure. Alzheimer Association.

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