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My name is Jill Vendituoli and I am a self-taught needlepoint tapestry artist living in Maine, U.S.A. I have been on a twenty-five year fiber art odyssey to revive and explore this medium that historically provided women with a rare and treasured opportunity of expression. I firmly believe that to honor my stitching forebears, I must continuously challenge myself with every piece I undertake.

By integrating my extensive thread palette of wool, cotton, silk and metallic and implementing innovative finishing techniques, I can produce modern tributes to the women who humbly stitched before me. With the freedom of a 21st century artisan and using standard and freestyle stitching, I infuse my work with both dimensionality and texture.

And because of the flexibility of fiber, I have an exciting and unlimited opportunity to create hand-stitched tapestries that can be either two or three-dimensional.

Because I choose to live in the country, nature provides a wonderful resource as both subject and in actual materials that I am able to incorporate into my tapestries. It is a thrilling privilege to transform a traditional handicraft into a contemporary art form, and several years ago, I began an ongoing abstract series entitled “The Thread that Connects.” Through these tapestries I hope to convey a modern connection between the viewer and the timeless elements of our humanity. My most recent work, the trilogy “Becoming I,” stitches together the past and present, and represents the connection of women as mothers, teachers, workers, artists and powerful contributors to both individual and global identity. Enjoy!

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