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Thaneeya McArdle creates colorful art in a variety of styles, ranging from abstraction to photorealism, with a special focus on creating vibrantly detailed art. Her work is inspired by nature, travel, mindfulness, and a lifelong pursuit of higher knowledge. Thaneeya's driving force is to seek a greater understanding of the world we live in by exploring and observing the nuances of our ever-fascinating existence. Thaneeya expresses her journeys, discoveries and curiosities through a variety of materials, including acrylics, watercolors, pastels, colored pencils, pen, markers, and digital art. Through her art, Thaneeya aims to share color and joy with others, embracing the connections that draw us together across time and space.

Born in the US, Thaneeya has since traveled extensively around the world, currently enjoying a nomadic lifestyle with her husband. When creating art, Thaneeya draws on her deep appreciation for the world's cultures and her admiration for tribal folk art from around the globe. She is particularly inspired by the eye-catching color combinations, unique patterns and intricate details of folk art forms such as Rabari Bharat (Indian embroidery), Aboriginal dot painting, Huichol bead painting, Peruvian retablos, Tibetan thangkas and more. Thaneeya's artwork hangs in private collections around the world, and can also be enjoyed on t-shirts, smartphone cases, calendars, coloring books and more.

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