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Sanam Ahmadi

Sanam Ahmadi by Folt Bolt

Berlin-based Iranian artist with a great passion for traveling and nomadic cultures; colors and patterns. I try to create modern, simple but elaborated jewelry with the air of the land where I come from, the Middle East.

"I was first introduced to Macrame in one of my trips over 8 years ago in south Italy, where I immediately fell in love with the textures and the way of life of Macrame Jewelry artisans, their Freedom.

I was a full time architect at the time.

That was when the biggest struggle in my life started, the struggle between being an architect and a free-spirited traveling artisan. It took me years to find the balance between these two worlds; to be able to pursue my path as a freelance architect and to manage an online shop for my macrame creations, and of course to travel, this time with the purpose of getting to know ethnic cultures and finding authentic natural materials indigenous to the places I visit. "

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