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Sandy Kreyer - Kiln House Pottery

My name is Sandy Kreyer, owner and operator of Kiln House Pottery.

I live at Long Beach, California where I have my pottery studio at my house. Long Beach is a City in Los Angeles County in Southern California on the Pacific Coast of the US.

I have been creative from a very young age and 'doodled' flowers over anything that did not move. At 13 I took my first pottery class at Marshall Jr High School and my love for doodling and pottery came together. My doodling developed into pretty little flowers and my passion for pottery just grew and grew. I love making pieces that are both functional and pretty to have in our homes.

In 1970 I did my first show at Long Beach Museum of Art. Since then, I have done numerous other shows and also worked for various potters until I gained more confidence and experience at the potter's wheel. I like evolving my ideas and my proficiency all the time and hope that I can still improve with every pot I throw. I still continue to develop my special techniques which allow me to apply glazes in intricate, multi-colored patterns and spend many hours on each piece. Over the years I developed my own special glazing technique that results in designs that pop off of their background.

To me throwing pots is a passion and it never feels like just a job. I feel really blessed that I have been able to follow my dreams and passions for over 40 years which have now all come together as Kiln House Pottery. I do all my own glazing and firing right at home which means that I have total control over the final piece. I do hope you enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy making them.

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