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Lisbeth Cort

Lisbeth Cort by Folt Bolt

American artist Lisbeth Cort paints richly colorful and contemporary watercolors in her Whidbey Island studio close to Seattle, Washington. Her paintings feature joyful florals, lots of pattern, and themes of food and coastal life.

After growing up in the South and then living in San Francisco and several other cities, twists of fate brought her to live on Whidbey Island, in the colorful and historic town of Coupeville which is in the heart of Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve.

The abundant farms, markets, roadside flower stands, and beaches all provide endless inspiration for Lisbeth’s art.

Hers are not traditional watercolor paintings. Lisbeth found that it’s the details, mix of patterns and rich saturated colors that she most enjoys painting. So her work has evolved into using watercolor sticks, crayons and paint - in combination with gouache and ink - to present her subjects in joyful, whimsical ways.

Lisbeth said: “Someone once told me that I paint ‘happy’. To me, there could be no better compliment.”

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