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Ana Jose Rossi - Botika Batik

Botika Batik by Folt Bolt

Born in Mendoza, Argentina.

Study at the School of Fine Arts No. 4-024, where it contacts with different artistic techniques, especially textiles, hand of the artist Leticia Gonzalez.

In 1990 ventures in textile art and begins his "self" journey, supported by the ongoing enthusiasm of the artist Eliana Molinelli, who encourages research into the ancient technique of batik.

To give flight to their talent, he began to study batik and wax applications on different tissues, especially cotton and other more rustic. He then specializes in the art and looking at it all their expressive possibilities, introducing complementary techniques.

She live in Donostia - San Sebastian, Basque Country and opens the doors of his workshop - store BOTIKA BATIK - name that identifies its textile pieces - and which offers private courses and sells his creations.

In this new situation, used as a single stand the different qualities of natural silk, subjecting it to rigorous treatments and paraffin wax and dyes used excellent steamed fixing, taking advantage of these elements to develop decorative objects.

The fabric designs are completely made freehand and color is applied with a brush, or brush tjanting, which makes the work be thorough and full of a deep emotional line.

The processes used are handmade, from the tension, washed, wrapped in paper and culminates with dry cleaning, unique manufacturing process that guarantees durability, without fear of fading.

Prepare unique and exclusive for making clothing fabrics and performs three-dimensional light boxes or wall installations and objects complementing and combining textiles with organic materials such as wood, fibers, etc.

In bi-dimension or three-dimension, flight and transparency are words that summarize somehow his last works, where color strength intensifies, the subtlety of the chromatic variations, light weighting, originality, imagination and of course the fidelity and wonder of silk.


Nazco en San Juan y vivo en Mendoza, República Argentina, desde muy temprana edad.

Estudio en la Escuela Provincial de Bellas Artes de Mendoza, donde tomo contacto con diferentes técnicas artísticas, en especial las textiles, de la mano de la artista Leticia González.

En 1990 comienzo mi camino en el arte textil, apoyada por el entusiasmo permanente de la artista Eliana Molinelli, escultora reconocida a nivel internacional, que me anima a investigar en la milenaria técnica del BATIK.

Comienzo a estudiar el batik y sus aplicaciones de cera sobre diferentes tejidos.

Desde 1992 participo en Argentina en numerosas muestras individuales y colectivas.

En 2001 traslado mi residencia a Donostia – San Sebastián, País Vasco.

Utilizo como único soporte las diferentes calidades de SEDA NATURAL, sometiéndola a rigurosos tratamientos de cera y parafina, utilizando excelentes tintes de fijación al vapor.

Participo en ferias y festivales del País Vasco ofreciendo pintura sobre textil en vivo, con gran aceptación del público.

Cursos permanentes en atelier y workshop intensivos, a nivel local, nacional e internacional.

Miembro de la ACTM (Asociación de Creadores Textiles de Madrid), del WTA (World Textile Art) y del Colectivo de Artistas “Art Show Collective” de Bilbao, artista participante en la primer edición del libro editado por este colectivo “The Art Show Book Nº1”.

Mi obra se centra en la realización de sedas pintadas de gran formato, murales bi y tridimensionales y diferentes objetos utilitarios en los que es posible aplicar textil.

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