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Beadfreaky by Folt Bolt

Ceramics was the first class I took at College after graduating from high school.

I love working with my hands. The texture and colors of ceramics are compelling to me I have been an artist my entire working life. I also have worked at eclectic pursuits which have included homeschooling my 5 children, homesteading and gardening.

I've been creating and selling beads and buttons since the mid-1990's.I love making small, textured, symbolic talismans. My work is influenced by natural and ancient symbols. I feel they represent all that is missing in modern life: our connection to nature, our bodies, our families, the cycle of the seasons.

I want my work to be a celebration of the beauty of life and ensure that the mood is upbeat and uplifting Goddesses are also a major theme of mine. I want to celebrate the strength and beauty of women.

In the last couple of years I've been working to expand the colors that use. My newest editions are a light and soft aqua gloss, a bright and uplifting spring green, and a lovely lavender.

I'm also strongly influenced by my home in Portland, Oregon in the United States.

I noticed when I moved here about 8 years ago that the colors are brighter and more saturated here than in many of the other places I have lived, and the seasons are more distinct.

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