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Pinara Design by Folt Bolt

My name is N. Pinar Kamaci.

I am a graphic designer and boho chic style jewelry designer. I was born and raised in the beautiful and historic city of Istanbul, Turkey.

I am blessed with wonderfully artistic parents. My father is a graphic designer and my mother is a ceramics artist and a sculptor. I am also attended the same university and received two degrees; one in Printing Technology and the other in Graphic Design.

Art is always in my life. I grew with art and at the end I became an artist.

I worked as an art director for many years in Istanbul. After my husband and I left our jobs and lives in fast paced Istanbul we decided moved to the seaside city of Antalya in Mediterranean region of Turkey and opened our shop in 2009.

This is when my colorful journey begins.

I always interest in history and ancient art. Especially Anatolian and Mediterranean history have been including many many ancient civilizations… These amazing civilizations are my inspiration sources. Iznik and Seljuk tiles, Lycian reliefs, Anatolian kilims, Hittites figures, Byzantine mosaics… these diversity of ancient art is always fascinate me.

That’s why we named our shop Pinara Design. Pinara means ’round’ in the ancient Lycia language and it’s the name of a beautiful Lycia site in the Mediterranean region of Turkey.

It was settled around 5th century BC in the Xanthus valley and one of the important cities of the Lycia Federation. Its name references apparently to the rounded shape of the precipitous hill on which the city originally stood.

Exploring and creation… these are heart of my designs. I love creative process and researching; matching colors and combine them with different motifs. Colors are particular characteristics of my designs. Especially I love using ethnic style bold and contrast colors.

I think using these bold colors is the way express my artistic side of me and my character. There are amazing historical sites around Antalya. We explore these ancient sites and draw upon their inspiration. Also we search for different Turkish traditional fabrics which are slowly being forgotten. I think we have much to learn from ancient history and art that is around us.

Our intention is revive some forgotten designs of the past by using eco-friendly materials on jewelry. Diversity of Anatolian history and artistic creations are giving me the opportunity for using different techniques and materials. But especially I prefer an ancient Anatolian crochet technique that called ‘Turkish lace’ or ‘Oya’ which is date back as far as the 8th century B.C., Phrygia, Anatolia. Each of my design come to life with combination of ancient crochet tecnique and art motifs, therefore there are many many historical tales behind my designs.

I feel that I am still growing and learning more with each of my designs. During the day a lot of motifs and colors are floating around in my head. I love challenge on finding new motifs. Sometimes I work through a design in my head for weeks until I finally pick up my hook and threads… and the magic begins.

Thank you so much for reading my story. I hope my designs bring a smile to your face.

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