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Siamese Dream Design by Folt Bolt

Original Ethnic Textiles Reborn Into Modern Fashion And Decor.

From the cornfields of Illinois to the rice paddies of Asia

We are a mother daughter team, originally from the USA in the northern Illinois area.

We first traveled to Asia in the year 2000. Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia all beautiful colorful chaos. Coming from the homogeneous cornfields of the Midwest, it was easy to fall in love with the richness and diversity of the people and their cultures. Back in the days of being a single mother and raising my daughter who is now my partner, repurposing was how we dressed and decorated. Hand me downs, garage sales and cast offs all gained new lives when they entered our house. So when the textiles of Asia called to us, all of the rich embroidery, batik and weaving, it was like second nature to design new fashion and home decor with them. We have built relationships with the women who weave and embroider the textiles.

We got to know the grandmothers and the grandchildren, we learned the stories behind the fabrics. We design and create pillows, duvets, shoes and clothing from these wonderful fabrics. Sometimes the hardest task is deciding what item to use a beautiful textile for.

Some of the younger tribe people think modern is great.

They want to incorporate machine embroidery, cheap chemical dyes and fast production as they see this as the way of the modern world. Showing them that the traditional techniques and ways are invaluable is sometimes a hurdle.

We have gained such a deep appreciation of the cultural skills that have been passed down for generations that we find the recent craze in western fashion of mimicking and producing cheap copies of indigenous designs, outright insulting!

The amazing skill it takes to create these textile masterpieces, whether they be Native American, Aztec or Hmong, should be respected and preserved.

Siamese Dream Design is dedicated to individuality, committed to sustainability, trading fairly and driven by passion.

If you would like to learn more about the unique textiles we design with and the beautiful people who create them you can visit our textile page here

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Siamese Dream Design

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Etsy Dek Doi By Siamese Dream Design (children's shop)

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