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Nicky Ford by Folt Bolt

My name is Nicky, I am 33 and I am from Manchester, England.

I studied Art up to University level before getting married and having two daughters which meant I didn't have much time for creating Art.

In Summer 2014 I attended an etsy course which ran at my local college.

The course ran for 6 weeks and taught us how to sell on etsy, photograph your wares, pricing and marketing.

Part of the course was to open a business page on Facebook, which I did at the start of September 2014. I am really pleased I attended the course as it got me back into my Art. My Art is colourful, decorative and mixed media in style. I like the freedom that creating mixed media art gives me.

I am not restricted to one medium which allows my creativity to travel further. My style is quite whimsical and I love nature which often appears in my Art.

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