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Thalia Barsouki and Kostas Christou -Apoplanity

Apoplanity by Folt Bolt

Hello we are Thalia Barsouki and Kostas Christou and we are “apoplanity”.

The word “apoplanity” is our English version of the Greek word “apopolanisi” which means seduction.

We live in Ioannina – Greece the city of silversmith creations.

Thalia has been creating art and crafts since she was very little and Kostas has been creating art (custom motorcycles) several years now.

We are the owners of the “apoplanity” shop in Ioannina and “apoplanity.com”

Our newest collection is the “embroidered silver” Our goal was to mix the traditional with the modern, the mediterranean freshness with the rustic embroidered patterns that we 've all seen our mothers create and loved so much.

Find us here:




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