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Nani Navarro

Nani Navarro by Folt Bolt

Nani Navarro (Barcelona, ​​1977), has developed an innovative and creative painting technique on aluminium, mixing different materials, creating spaces of light, colour and beauty on the metal.

Of international renown, has exhibited in galleries and museums in countries like Japan, Germany, Poland, Brussels, Spain, etc.

Among his paintings, is the peculiarity of using the resource of the short film to present their own works.

Nani Navarro's artistic career has been greatly influenced by their long periods of residence abroad (Russia and Poland) as well as by his many travels, source of inspiration and enrichment continues her work.

The basis of his work is mostly metal and wàter colour, but she flirts with many external elements, often inserted in her works. Choose herein paintings based on light, always leading and dominant.

The aim of his painting is to express beauty and abstract forms of great expression.

Originality of the technique makes his work something unique.

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