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Vesna Haler Bender

Vesna Haler Bender by Folt Bolt

I am a self thought artist and I have been making things for as long as I can remember.

I see opportunities where other people see nothing.

Due to the creative mind and a broad range of interests I am able to turn objects beyond restoration into desirable pieces of modern art.

I mostly work with wood, but sometimes add other natural materials, necessary to complete the picture. I am fascinated with the way people in different parts of the world live, places which I have seen and places I would love to see, but for now only live in my imagination.

It gives me a great pleasure to see that I can awaken imagination and make people smile with recognition of something that I only saw with my mind’s eye.I feel this deep, invisible connection between all of us, the same energy that flows through everything.

I live in Spain, on the beautiful isle of Gran Canaria.

Every tuesday evening, I exhibit and sell my work in Puerto Rico in Puerto Azul hotel.

If you happen to be here on holiday, come and see me. Though I am not world famous, my creations live in many homes around Europe and United States.

I also sell through my facebook page where you are welcome to look around and ask any question you might have. I accept PayPal.

Find me here:


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