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Serdinya Art by Folt Bolt

Colour is my thing. Bright and beautiful but definitely more classy than garish. There's always been an arty thing going on in my life but my parents assure me it didn't come from them.... so, where did it come from? I grew up in Australia, so it could have been the wide open blue skies, the blue waters, the red outback..... or it could be the little village in the foothills of the Pyrenees where I lived in 2013 - Serdinya - it certainly influenced me in so much that I named my business after it.

I've lived and worked in six different countries now to include Oz, NZ, USA, France, Wales and England and I think my style is very likely a mix of all cultures.

That's the best I can explain it. Our past definitely influences our future. For many years I had looked at and admired glass but it remained well out of my reach financially. Then one day (after I'd sold my house and been travelling abroad) I visited a shop/gallery in Dartmouth, Devon (UK) that was full of nothing but fused glass..... and that, as they say, was it. The lady in the shop said 'if you can afford to do it now and you really want to do it, then do it' I didn't need any more convincing (and I think she could see this!).

I could afford to do it now so went back to Fishguard, Pembs, Wales, where I was living at the time and bought myself a small kiln, loads of glass and a myriad of other bits and pieces to get myself started. The rest (as they say) is history! That was the best move (professionally) that I could ever have made. I love working with glass and have now mastered my own style that is in households right across the world now.

Glass is so versatile and tactile. The holes in my dishes and panels just draw people in and they just love to touch them .... I have no problem with this because I would do the same. A bigger kiln will inevitably mean I can make bigger pieces ...... but that's the future.....

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