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Synopsis Handmade

Synopsis Handmade by Folt Bolt

Having started her engagement with handmade jewelry just two years ago, Nopi Gaitanidou addresses primarily to women through her creations under the trade name “Synopsis handmade”. On her canvas, she uses the traditional technique of crochet drawing her inspiration from everyday images which she powerfully projects to the present, and registers with the liveliness and directness of a memory almost photographic.

If you unfold her creations, you can easily decipher her silent conversation with the faces of Greek Mythology. Medusa, Thelxiopi, Penthesilea , Medea…..that have not only given their name to Synopsis’ compositions, but they also add to her handmade microcosmos a tension that derives from the symbolic power of these Archetypes.

Synopsis likes using materials such as cotton, leather and fabrics that place on woman’s skin an earthy touch that is natural and without any pretense.

The entire composition stands in harmony through a beautifully woven design, a sensation that evokes tender human memories “feeding” the resources of the future artists.

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