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Giampouras Jewelry

Giampouras Jewelry by Folt Bolt

I started my professional career as mechanical designer, working in the field of industrial design for several years. However, my aptitude for more artistic expression led me to study design and creation of jewellery at Guildhall University, “John Cass” in London.

I create key- jewellery, small windows to imaginary worlds, messages of joy and optimism.

I use material such as the enamel the transparency and variety of colors of which make possible the synthesis of unique images for each piece of jewellery .

I also use titanium which has the unique property to bear colors that creates key-images which remind us of the positive aspects of life, like the rainbow.

Each piece of jewellery faced with fine metals, charged with positive way of thinking and positive energy is sent to find their owner.

Feel their energy and discover their magic.

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