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Ellen Curgenven

Ellen Curgenven by Folt Bolt

I'm an artist based in Barcelona. All my painting are inspired by the sea and it's wonders.

I have always lived by the sea or at sea. I was born in Cornwall and grew up in a little village by the sea, My father was a fisher man and my mother a painter ( kind of explains my art lol ) .

At the age of 7 , I went to sea with my father on a merchant ship and travelled around Europe and then we moved to the small island of Menorca.

I spent all my summer down on the rocks and in the sea, snorkelling and looking for sea urchins.

I've paint since I can remember and loved anything to do with the sea , i would spend hours painting fish /shells / sea urchins / .

I have always be inspired by my mothers paintings and always knew this is what i wanted to do when I grew up.

I moved back to the UK to study art in Cornwall and them back to Spain ( Barcelona ) where I have settled down.

The sea inspires me so much , it is the main focal point in all my art and also in my life.

I could never be far from the sea.

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