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Hello, I'm Xenia Lee, the artist behind the scene of yoFANCY. I like to create things. I worked in marketing for more than 6 years, have a degree in philology and ceramic art and like most of us had a dream, a dream one day to have chance to create my imaginative items. I find my inspiration in Art Nouveau and Baroque styles, that are rich in colors and details. My designs are inspired by natural forms, where I bring a cultural twist of my favorites styles. Creating luxury felting items. I truly want to find my own way to create something really special and I'm not afraid to experiment and explore.

About 3 years ago because of a small spark idea of cultures connection; me and my husband decided to found a small luxury felting design company where our friends and customers can buy unique items made of wool. We truly believe that through art we can better understand each other. We are FANCY to design things with love and care and hope our feelings will reach our customers!

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#feltart #unitedkingdom

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