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Qlka Art - Malgorzata Rybicka

Qlka Art by Folt Bolt

Welcome to my colourful world. Smile at the colours of daily life with me :) My name is Małgorzata. I live in northern Poland in the quiet, beautiful coastal town of Gdynia. I was born and grew up here. My life is to ... realise my dreams. As a child I first wanted to teach literature, then I wanted to become a painter, I briefly thought about getting into interior design before I finally realised that I also really wanted to be a mum! In my teens I attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, here I decided that I should be a school teacher for young children in school. It was during this time I also fell in love with photography. Today I feel I have fulfilled all my dreams. I am a mother, I am a teacher of visual arts in high school, I paint and photograph. However, what I've found gives me most stimulation is creating Jewellery. My art studio is filled with colored strings, stones, pearls, fabrics, threads, needles, buttons ... that's all I compose in Qlka Art's Jewellery. I am inspired by life. I love to observe people, nature, architecture and art. However, the most important input to my jewelry is the colour. Why colour? Colour is an integral part of being human. Colour gives us happiness. Colour gives a smile. For me, colour is the manifestation of my desires and passions. I just love colour. I surround myself with it. I want to make the world a colourful and happy place, I want grey streets painted as if they are rainbows. When I design, I think about the woman: beautiful, charming and unique. My jewellery is the perfect complement to femininity. It does not matter if you are dressed in elegant evening gowns if just a t-shirt and jeans. In my art you can feel yourself. During my creativity I use alternative techniques such as soutache embroidery, bead embroidery or felt. I really like to use amber, turquoise, agate and jade. My works must be exceptional but also functional and uniquely designed. I approach each project individually with attention to the smallest of details. In addition to my projects I also make special customer orders. When making these orders I continue to be guided by my principle - that Qlka Art's Jewellery has to be unique. This principle remains true even if the special order is for an item of jewellery that I have previously sold. Qlka Art gives a personal touch that means no two pieces will ever be identical. That's what makes my art special! Be unique. Be yourself. Find me here: Etsy Etsy-felt




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