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Sandra Walton by Folt Bolt

Paintings tell stories. Beads carry those stories. Sandra Walton is the artist and designer behind the brush of Painted By Hand. Every hand painted art bead that she creates is an original canvas weaving rich color, design and intention. With spirit and a firm background in art and mythology Sandra draws from the images and artworks that have inspired her to create truly unique beads. She fancies each bead as going out into the world on its own journey, telling its own little story.

Sandra has had a paint brush in her hands since her very early teens when she first started seriously painting. Her love affair with beads started much earlier when she was enchanted by a colorful glass bead curtain in her aunt’s home. While in art school, in her twenties she had the idea to put brush to bead, to tell her stories and bring joy to people through her art, one painted bead at a time. Using porcupine quills and hand cut miniature brushes, Sandra applies paint to a wood base bead and then hand dips each bead in a shiny protective coating.

She creates her beads and paints her stories in her little Victorian home studio in Santa Cruz, CA where she also paints in pastel and oils.

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