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Amiel Guerard - Mosaicosmik

Mosaicosmik by Folt Bolt

Mosaicosmik is an adventure that started more than 13 years ago in the heart of the majestic Kootenays mountains of British Columbia.

Mosaic artist Amiel Guerard decided to leave her college-lift behind her and seek inspiration; finding there the spark which lit the fire of her creations.

A few years later she returned to Quebec, and to schooling; completing a combined degree in political science and anthropology, as well as gaining certification in early childhood education.

Amiel Guerard has spent her life immersed in a magical and playful artistic environment with her father – a talented painter; and her mother – Renee Langlois – an accomplished ceramic artist and muralist. This artistic legacy was inherited; and led to an interest in art that has been fuel to her accomplishments her entire life.

Now mosaics are her main passion and primary occupation – despite having diverse interests.

Amiel concentrates her work on the themes she considers most important: The environment and the beauty of nature. Subjects include rivers, oceans, forests, mountains and their inhabitants. Protecting and preserving the environment is one of her greatest sources of inspiration; and she views her creations as a way to raise awareness regarding the imperilment of these places.

The result of this are unique works of art that are vibrant, decorative, yet functional. All of the work is made from recycled materials and refurbished piece of craft – so an old table can be given a new lease of life; or an old pine board can host a mosaic. The glass used in the construction of the mosaic is stained window glass; leading to bright rich and intense colours.

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