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Vijolcenne Creations

Vijolcenne Creations by Folt Bolt

Hi, welcome to my fantasy world!

I'm Carmen, a self-taught artist that living in Italy and I'm very pleased to show my work here at Folt Bolt pages!

I love to decorate on wood, pebbles, tiles, canvas and other supports that lend themselves to the painting.

I also use polymer clay to create jewelry and other decor ideas as wall hanging keys, lamps, baskets and wind chimes.

My artworks are a product of creativity and imagination and every work is done with a big sense for detail. In each piece I have put all of my enthusiasm

because I want to show you some things that will make your life beautiful and cheerful.

That is my greatest reward.

I'll be glad if you find me here:






#homedecor #illustration #italy #grey #pastels

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