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Rowena Scotney by Folt Bolt

Hello, I’m Rowena.

I’m an artist living near Penzance in the wild and beautiful South West of Cornwall, at the bottom of the UK, surrounded by the sea where I’m constantly inspired by the seasons, the weather, the colours, the land and seascapes…tiny details of colours and patterns in rocks, plants, clouds and the birds and the wildlife. So much beauty and wonder!

I’ve been teaching English Literature for 14 years but have recently hoped very much to dedicate more time to exploring and developing my artwork.

I love to combine poetry with my work and am often inspired by lines in poetry and novels and the ‘colour’ of words as well as the rhythms and shapes of certain words together. I also like to paint conversations and their movement and energies.

I was drawn to felting from knitting and crochet and practising with flowers and then to experimenting with landscapes and I loved the way they seemed to grow and evolve and develop by an almost transformative magic!

The colours and effects can be so wonderful and surprising; making mistakes is brilliant for happy accidents! The process for me is such a heartfelt one too.

I am learning about the different fleeces, fibres and textures and their effects and also combining unusual embellishments, as well as beads, sequins, wire and stitching. I love this and am looking forward to more exploration and new paths and my dream would be to develop my work into a full-time business. I have gained so much confidence with two local exhibitions, and with selling work and receiving positive comments.

It would be wonderful to receive any further comments and ideas from fellow Folt Bolters!

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