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Natalie Hussey by Folt Bolt

Natalie Hussey, a Canadian artist, is a graduate of Sheridan College’s Interpretive Illustration Program. Since graduating in 1997, she has been developing as an accomplished Fine Artist, Illustrator, art teacher and mother.

Her commissioned fine art pieces have brought joy to many as they have made their way across North America. Her works are intricately-detailed, richly-textured expressions of the beauty in nature and humanity.

Fluidly geometric forms dance to rhythmic patterns. Her work is filled with the vibrant imagination of childhood and the simple innocence we long for as adults.

She has started to expand her works to include painting on hand-carved plaster and experimenting with cyanotype.

Natalie has always had a strong belief in reaching out into her community to spread the joy of the arts, especially to the youth.

She has played a role in the local schools and community in many arts related projects.

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