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Hi, I am Michaela.

Since my childhood I am fascinated with nature and all of its shapes and colours. My favorite playground was in the grass under the tree, playing with stones, pieces of wood and flowers. I started with handmade during my university studies to fill time between exams.

During this time I also worked as a florist in a little local flower shop.

My handmade beginnings were with felted earrings, later sewed earrings with lace and satin, but slowly I came back to working with flowers and natural materials. In the last year and a half it turned out from a hobby to be my biggest passion and now a full time job :)

I love what I do, each and every piece is done with a big sense for detail. If you have any special wish, just let me know and I will do my best to fulfil it :)

Find me here: Etsy dawanda Pinterest facebook

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