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Barbara Franc by Folt Bolt

“I have been making 3D work nearly all my life here in the UK, and I get ‘itchy fingers’ if I’m not actually constructing something, a pair of pliers, needles or tin snips are never far away.

Animal life fascinates me, it is my main source of inspiration, their forms, be they of ‘fur and feather or beak and claw’ intrigue me and I want to try to capture a little of their diversity of movement and form.

I enjoy using many different materials such as wire, tin, fabrics and found objects and I try to use recycled materials as much as possible.

That’s not just for eco-friendly and ethical reasons (which are important) but also because they already own a history of their past and I love to incorporate that into my work.

I have boxes and cupboard drawers full of bits and pieces waiting for a new life and cluttering up my workroom but the hunt for even more interesting, discarded objects is never ending.

I keep my eyes peeled whilst out on my daily walk with my dog, Rufus, and also scour second hand shops or car boot sales.

People often ask how I can sell some of my work, as it must be so personal and precious to me.

Firstly, I’m on the quest for always trying to do better…..not sure if that always happens…. but most importantly, it is wonderful when someone smiles at something I’ve made and wish it to become part of their lives ….”

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