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Debbie Van Dyke

Debbie Van Dyke by Folt Bolt

Hi everyone! I am Debbie, living the dream in the beautiful country of Sonoma County, California. I am incredibly inspired by the languid atmosphere that Mother Nature provides here. There is always something blooming!

As a kid I was always creating something, and I spend a career working as agraphic designer. After completing a screen printing class in Edinburgh, Scotland in the 80s, I kick-started my fiber collage career. I work in all kinds of mediums - anything that will help me project my ideas in a textural, tactile manner.

Fabric is my paint, and the needle is my brush. I combine painting, pastel, weaving, and screen printing processes with embroidery. I like to sew recycled fabric, clay, wire, beads, found items (and whatever grabs my attention) into professional pieces of expression. I appreciate objects that are art in themselves.

The patterns of nature inspired me, and the emotions of life evoke me.

I create art for the heart !

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