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Orsi Mild

Orsi Mild by Folt Bolt

"As a child I came to the arts through my parents. My father is still painting and my mother used to draw. For me it was always natural to have paintings on the walls at home.”

These were the introductory lines of my art history degree, which I took in 2001.

Painting has always been natural to me. Quite late, I have found my own style.

The forms are very powerful. All of the colours are mixed. The acrylic paint is perfect for the realisation of my ideas. I feel that my pictures are a reflection of myself: colourful, wry sense of humour, sometimes suggestive, with strict boundaries. I want to bring colour and joy to the viewer and myself.

I've had a lot of solo exhibitions but also group exhibtions in Sweden, in Hungary, on Åland Islands and in Spain and I am also an author of children stories.

You can find a full exhibition list and paintings for sale on this page.

Orsi Mild, you know, she paints houses and animals.









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