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FAUNA & FLORA jewelry brand, based in Israel, was founded 9 years ago by me, Naama Brosh. I make artisanal costume jewelry. After leading years of academic practice as a life scientist specializing in the human immune system, I surrendered to the creative urge and now devote my time to creation and beauty.

In my work, I focus mainly on textile techniques: crochet, knit, embroidery and felt. These hand crafts were taught to me by my grandmother and mother, who always had some handmade project under hand. As I am an enthusiastic collector of vintage plastic (and metal casts), I love to customize, paint and incorporate my collections into the pieces I create.

Color is the most important element of the work.

I always use intense base colors in my jewelry. My work is very neat and accurate and the wild side is found is daring use color combinations. The jewelry pieces have eclectic graphic designs interplaying between an ethnic ambiance and humor.

The pieces are bold and daring, allowing women to feel both adventurous and up to date.

In Israel, I participate in various fashion events and also sell in selected fashion stores. For several years I had a small glittery shop in Tel Aviv's trendy market area. Last year I moved my studio to a beautiful old wood house, in the rural community I live in.

For the last 3 years I have participated in international trade shows and extended my business to wholesale export.

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